Wednesday, March 4, 2015

So this happened...

We had another, amazing little girl.

Meet Collins...

I could gush all day, every day about how incredible this girl is.  She sleeps like a champ, eats like a champ, is always happy and when I see her smile at her sister, I feel like my heart just might explode. Collins has wild hair that is lighter and isn't quite as thick as her sister's.  Her eyes are blue and she has the sweetest little lips and the BEST double chin.  She's super expressive and is happy in anyone's arms.  But if she decides she's hungry... watch out.  0 to 100 with zero warning.  She definitely gets that from me.

Let me catch you up...

She was a week late.  I went completely overboard on Thanksgiving dinner, as I should have, and felt terrible.  Literally thought I would burst.  I woke up at 4am the next morning with pretty subtle contractions.  It felt like forever waiting until they were close enough together to head in to the hospital, but it was really only 11am.  We checked in, walked around, hung around and visited with friends who had just welcomed their sweet little girl that same week.  I started to push around 2:45pm and by 3:20pm, our sweet Collins had arrived.  It was hard to believe I could love someone as much as I love Winslow, but it was instant.  Head over heels for this one.

The transition to 2 has been easier than we could have ever anticipated.  We aren't the walking zombies that we were in the first couple months as new parents with Winslow.  I want to say we've hit our stride and are pretty high functioning these days.  There are definitely challenges, like how to get two ready and out the door without being 45 minutes late for everything, or getting them both down for bed to finally eat dinner at 8:30pm, and finding some time for yourself (doesn't exist).  But I thank God every single day for them and for the guy I get to do this with.  I couldn't and wouldn't do this without you.  Del, you are the absolute best.  I know D2 is so proud of you and the father you are to Winslow and Collins.  You did, after all, learn from the best.

We have been blessed beyond belief with these amazing little girls and I will cherish every moment I have to watch them grow up together.  Love, love, love.