Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Baby Post.

I was putting together a list of my baby "couldn't live withouts" for a friend and thought I'd share it here as well.  The first couple months are usually a blur.  It feels like one long, continuos day that never really ends... until you hit your stride and it clicks!  With the help of a super happy, laid back baby and these items, we've breezed through the first 5 months with C.

(I. Cant. Believe. She's. 5. Months.)

1. Freshly Picked Mocs - They're ridiculously cute and go with everything.  Enough said.

2. Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover - I managed to get through 5.5 months of nursing with Winslow without EVER doing it in public.  I didn't have that luxury this time around.  I loved this nursing cover because it came in a muslin fabric and was much easier to deal with than the stiffer cotton.

3. H&M Wrap Bodysuit - Both of my little lost their minds when pulling anything over their heads.  So these were a must.  Cheap, soft, and nicely fitted.  I find that Baby Gap's bodysuits are made for chunkier babes.  They always fit way too baggy and short for my minis.

4. Nose Frida - God Bless the Swedish for creating a nose sucker that actually works.  I rate this a 10, while I rate the ball syringe a big fat 0.  Just don't forget to put the sponge piece in it.  Eek!

5. Little Twig Body Lotion - I love this line of baby products.  They're all natural, organic and they smell like a dream.  I also love the detangler which glides through my teenager/3.5 year old's hair.

6. Zutano Booties - The best.  Socks never made it longer than 2 minutes on my minis' feet.  They're active lil things and kicked them off way too easily.  These booties are adorable, come in different materials and stay on their feet beautifully.

7. CottonOn Dribble Bibs - First it's spit up because they can't figure out how to keep it down.  Then it's drool because they start teething for a year straight.  Winslow had a bib on at all times, covering up her sweet little outfits.  Such a bummer.  These dribble bibs were a gift from my sister for Collins and work seamlessly with an outfit.  They provide the spit up/drool coverage you need with the terry cloth on the inside.  I've tried other brands similar to this, but there's something special about this brand, the way they're cut and sit more like a chic scarf than a bandana.  Yes, I've become a dribble bib connoisseur!

8. Love to Dream Transition Swaddle - My kids are swaddle kids.  They basically demand it.  Till they're like 8 months old.  They're arms are out of control and they manage to wake themselves up or accidentally throw their pacifiers across the room at a sudden twitch.  They love to be swaddled.  Both hit a point around 4 months when they needed to be swaddled, arms down, but would go to battle to keep their arms out.  These swaddles were given to me by a friend and they were like a little gift from heaven.  My minis can keep their arms in and under control but still have them up by their heads.  And when I lose the battle to keep them in, I can easily unzip to let those little arms out.  Genius.

9. Water Wipes - 99.9% purified water.  Effective at keeping bottoms clean, but gentle enough to use on their faces.  No chemicals to irritate that precious, perfect skin.

10. Honest Healing Balm - They've done a amazing job with this line of products.  I love just about everything they've created, except those fancy diapers that I can't afford.  "They're cute" isn't a good enough reason to pay the extra money.  So those drive me crazy.  But this Healing Balm is in every bag and drawer in the house.  It can be used for just about everything under the sun... diaper rash, craddle cap, dry spots, chapped lips, boo boos....

11. Fisher Price Rock and Play - I'm not sure how to properly hammer this home but... this will change your life.  It's the perfect angle for babies with reflux.  It rocks and vibrates.  It folds up and makes it easy to take to kidless friend's homes.  My minis napped like a dream in this and Collins actually slept in it, by our bed, for the first 3.5 months.  Everything about it is perfect.  When C would fuss in the middle of the night, I'd reach over, give it a couple rocks till she was content again, never once breaking REM sleep.  No one talks about how amazing this contraption is, but let me tell you. Hands down, must have.

12. Pottery Barn Stroller Blanket - I loved getting these as gifts and giving them as gifts.  I am partial this one from Pottery Barn specifically because it's softer than soft.  And it's monogrammed. You can never have too many stroller blankets and this one got us through the colder months out and about in the fresh air.

I hope that helped any soon to be mommas or for gift ideas!

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